Hey everyone!
Here's a short story...
I just checked my spam folder for my email account and found TONS of inquiries for sessions!!!! YIKES! Some of them are months old. I am soooooo... so sorry if I've missed your email. Please know that I was not ignoring it, as I make sure I respond to EVERY email in my inbox. If you're still interested in my services, please be sure to resend your email or call me. I will be spam checking regularly from now on :)
p e a c e and c a r t w h e e l s

merrit d.



I'm soooo... very behind on my sneak peeks! I apologize to everyone waiting to seeeee...! I'm catching up over the next few days. Whew!



New wall collections! We're offering a few new wall collection layouts with different mounts. The collection above is a stand-out mount.
I get so many request from clients for portrait display sizes and layouts. It was only natural that I create a few high impact wall displays that can work in any home on numerous walls. The wall featured in the pictures above is only 11ft. wide. Small space, big impact.
Please email merrit for more information and pricing. In home display consultations are free of charge.