Holiday Card Designs!

These are the first two HOLIDAY CARD designs that I'm offering this year. They are part of my "elegant" card collection. The first is a 4.5 x 5 double sided flat card and the second is a 5 x 7 double sided flat card. All colors and text is customized to your liking. Be on the lookout for my "funky retro" and "modern pop" sets!

Holiday cards can be ordered in sets of 25 with envelopes. I'll post the details of the HOLIDAY MINI-SESSION in a few days.

PHOTOGRAPHERS, please leave a comment if you're interested in the templates.


KM Photography said...

beautiful cards. for sale?

Merrit d. photography said...

your work is beautiful!
Yes, they are for sale. You can purchase them separately for $7 each or you can wait to see the entire collection and purchase it as a group, and also at a discount.