He's on the mend, AGAIN! This time he's got a little limp going on. Keeping an eye on him until Friday, then we'll decide if we need to investigate this little limp further.

We've all checked out of cyberspace for a while...and it's been refreshing to say the least. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on magical moments to be had when I'm truckin' away on this computer. It's perplexing how I can feel so in touch with a friend across the world, but so out of touch with my own family. This is where hours on the web and editing photos leaves me. In a fog. I'm ready to burst with creative energy for my business, but I know that this burst would mean less time and less magic with my two boys. How do all of you creative mama's do it??? love, cuddle, play, nurture, teach, create, cook, clean, work. HOW? please tell me your secret.

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