That's what I got! A glimpse into his world this day. HIS first glimpse of the new year's snow left him speechless. His eyes all a gaze and heart melting. Ah, I'm so in love with this little soul. Light surrounds me when I'm with him, when I see his world. Take a moment today, tomorrow, everyday, and be still for a moment and let the light surround YOU. May it come from a child, a friend, lover, or stranger.
... oh, and Finn says to make lots of snow angels too :)


sheena said...

oh he is so so stinkin cute!!! never cut his hair!! everyone will comment...you will question yourself....I missed Jonah's so bad after I cut it! It's growing back...but not the same.

thanks for stopping by my blog;)

Kristyn Knits said...

how adorable is he? love your shots of his wonder!

I found you through leslie f.

Nikki said...

Your child is tooooooooo beautiful, if that's possible!