I leave the big question mark in the title as I have MANY resolutions for this spectacular year ahead, and they are much more important than this one. Although, if you were to look in on my life right now, you would think that learning to knit was #1. I'm determined to learn all I can about knitting. I'm obsessed! Just as I feel the desire to learn to make some of the simplest things in life like bread, soap, lip gloss, deodorant, the list goes on. I feel the desire to learn all I can about knitting. There's something about making and creating simple objects that we use or consume every day. I must say it's humbling and very rewarding.

Well, this is my first knitting project. Not sure what it is or what it's going to be, but I'm just so pleased that I've learned the basics so far and thought I would share with you. Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you're all eager to learn something new this year. Whether it be a new craft, a new recipe, or getting to know your child better, please indulge yourself and become aware of something other than you.

Oh, I forgot to mention...
the picture on the far right is Finn's display of my knitting. He stopped playing with his trains and decided that my display for the picture was lacking, so he spruced it up on one of his vintage chairs and told me to "take picture."

Totally brightened my day!


amandakern said...

awesome!!! he's so cute...and it sounds like quiet the memorable moment. He's pretty good at setting up shots. :o)

mistybliss said...

welcome to the world of obsessive knitting!!!! Your photography is amazing... you're knitting will be too!!! Just LOVE your little man... he's soooo cute x

a friend to knit with said...

loving the blog!!!
and the photos of yarn!
and that sweet sweet boy.

Rosie said...

these are gorgeous images! and your son is too cute!

Merrit d. photography said...

thank you ladies! your kindness is just too much :)